Dafi Cramer


Hi! My name is Dafi Cramer and I am from Tel Aviv, Israel. I play the character of Allison in the second act, or “older” Allison. I am a sophomore BFA Actor at SUNY Purchase, and I am so thrilled and honored to take part in telling the story of “Roe Versus Wade.” This is not only my first production here at Purchase, but also my first production in the US and in English!

When I discovered I would be playing Allison: a middle-aged, sharp-minded lawyer from the south, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. Especially because I come from a completely different background, culture and life experience. I started contemplating how to feel closer to Allison and her life’s journey.

After researching, studying and watching countless interviews, I realized Allison and I are not so different. We are both driven by our passions and desires. I, in my dedication to spark change through story telling, Allison, in her devotion to justice.

Studying and growing at Purchase has been a life-changing experience so far, I am forever grateful to the people who have continued to help me in my journey. My parents, who do all in their being to support my dreams, my sisters and their endless love, my NYC family; Alona, Nimi, and Tuni- I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. And to my dear friends for being my rock. אתם יודעים מי אתם.

Past credits include Minotaur at “Hasimta” theatre Tel Aviv (winning play of Fringe festival), Blood Wedding (the bride), and Midsummer Nights Dream (Helena) at Alef School of the Arts.

For further information about what i’m up to, check out my instagram and my resume!