Cici Koueth


Hey! I’m Cici, born in Africa and raised in Florida.

Some of my past theatre credits include “Obama-ology” (Cece/Barbara) and “Frost/Nixon” (Evonne Goolagong).

To be a part of the first production of Roe V. Wade at Purchase College has been quite a journey as I have been greatly inspired because of the lives of these young, strong, and brave women within the play. My character, Charlene, is this will-forced and intelligent woman that has taught me that there can always be a way, no matter your age, circumstances or whatnot. If you believe hard enough that you can achieve something, then it can happen. What struck me to be fascinated with her is the fact that she’s endured great pain from such transformative experiences, yet, carries the passion and will-force needed to become something greater-with the help of her dear friend, Allison. That’s something I will definitely take with me.

Enjoy the show!

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