Ana Nicolle Chavez


Hi, my name is Ana Nicolle Chavez and I am a Arizona desert gal who loves to Act. Currently I am training at the Conservatory of Theatre Arts at State University of New York, Purchase College. It is here at Purchase that I have the opportunity to be a part of the first production of Roe v. Wade; and it's been really special to bring life to the stories of these real women in history. Every character seemed equally interesting during the audition process so I was really willing to play with any of the women's roles. Blue in particular, interested me because of her ability to travel and live fully within her world in the 70s as a gay woman, and still associate herself with groups who did not approve of her “lifestyle”. Her sexuality is unapologetic and it allows her to keep the people around her honest. Her essence has taught me so much about the power that lies in honesty without a need for approval. This show has taught me so much about the power of fundamental beliefs and the way it controls the structure of our lives. Working with my company everyday, we had to stay open minded and listen to each other in order to get the most out of interacting with characters from such opposing human right beliefs. I hope everyone who gets to watch this show, whether it be this production or not, gets to experience being willing to listen to everyone's truths the way my company and I did.

And a shout out to my madre for bringing me into existence with endless support and freedom!

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