Marlynn Nadira Pollard


Hey there!, My name is Marlynn Pollard and I am currently a Sophomore at the BFA Acting Conservatory at SUNY Purchase College. I am a New Yorker born and raised reigning from the Bronx, New York. A few of my past productions include, Twelfth Night (Olivia ), Emotional Creature (Marta), In the Heights (Vanessa), Eclipsed ( Wife 1 and 2 ) , Three Viewings (Mac), In the Blood (Hester), and Lion King Jr at Harlem School of the Arts ( Sarabi). Also an Off Broadway performance of Fools in love at Feinstein/ 54 below. And most recently, playing younger Allison in the first ever production of Roe Vs Wade. Before getting the role there was so much research and digging into each of the characters before I had an idea of who I wanted to play. After reading the play a couple of times the character Allison really stood out to me. Someone who is ambitious. Someone willing to give there life up for a cause. Allision is based off of Sarah Weddington the lawyer who decided to argue the case in front of the Supreme Court and get Abortion Rights in the United States. Initially I was very intimidated by this role. Me and Allison come from two different socioeconomic backgrounds and being a black women playing a white women I had to really try to embody her essence and energy. Like Allison I believe in change. Sarah Weddington once said. “For a lot of women, one of the hardest things about leadership is the desire to be liked by everyone. That’s often inconsistent with leadership. It’s certainly inconsistent with taking positions on very controversial issues.” Playing the role I found how hard it was to be successful women in a society ruled by men and having to always fight harder to get where I wanted to be. Especially in the Supreme Court house scene it was exciting to be there and getting to argue my case. But it was devastating to only have pushed so far and fall short. This production has taught me so many great lessons and I am just grateful to be sharing it with all of you. I would like to thank all of the wonderful people who paved the way for me to become an actress. My family, friends, teachers, and company members for pushing me to my greatest potential. And a special thanks to Lisa Kowalski, Dominic Colon, Sarah Rosenberg, Luis Cardenas & DPHHS. I would like to dedicate my performance to my aunty Josephine Greenaway and her loving memory.

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