Darian Bencosme


Hello my name is Darian Bencosme and I’m currently a sophomore at the BFA Acting conservatory at SUNY Purchase. From a very young age my fascination for story telling and character building has always inspired me to create. My passion for activism and representation for the Latino community has given me the opportunity to create art that gives voices to those who feel like they aren’t being heard. I originated the role of ‘Randy’ in BroCreation, a new play by Ashley Rogers, which premiered at The Producers Club in Manhattan, NY. I have also had the privilege to work with The McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ for their staging of the Every 28 Hours Plays. In Roe V. Wade I play the role of Randy, the very driven, southern evangelical Christian preacher. When I first read the play he was one of the many characters that I was drawn to because of his very strong and secure beliefs. When I found out I would play the role of Randy the first thing I promised myself to do was to not judge him. This is a character who was written to share the voices of those who feel like their side isn’t being heard, and playing him with the conviction of his honest truth, has given me the tools to expand my knowledge and understand both arguments of the pro-choice and pro-life movement. One of the major things that I’ve learned about working on this play is that everyone has the right to their own truths. Playing someone who’s very different from who I am has given me the courage to lend my body to the a character that wants to tell their story with no guilt, shame, or punishment.

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