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Rosalyn Coleman Williams
Director, Teacher

Director, Teacher

Rosalyn Coleman Williams best known as an actor, is the director of the award winning short films Allergic To Nuts and Drawing Angel. Both films have been seen on several TV stations nationally and in film festivals in the US and around the world. 

Rosalyn was awarded “Emerging Filmmaker” at the Cine Noir Film Festival in the busy film production city of Wilmington, North Carolina. With over a dozen film directing credits including: The Last Piece, Twinkle, BFF, Moth To A Flame, Driving Fish, Rosalyn also directed the re-enactment portion in the groundbreaking documentary Black Sorority Project.

A graduate of Howard University and an MFA from Yale School of Drama, Roz has a keen insight into actor-director relationship, she is celebrated as an “actors director.” 

She served as on-set acting coach for HBO’s 2nd season of the hit series “In 

Treatment.” Rosalyn was hired by the prestigious Cinereach Foundation to coach Sundance directors on their sophomore projects, most notably Terrance Nance, creator of HBO’s Random Acts of Flyness.

As an actor, Rosalyn’s professional experience includes Broadway, Film and TV. She has acted with Meryl Streep, Viola Davis, Samuel L. Jackson, Halle Berry and Tom Cruise. 

In the fall Roz starred in the TV pilot for the Emmy nominated web series Ctrl Alt Delete.

Rosalyn will soon be seen in the feature film“Miss Virginia”.