Would You Like To Position Yourself As An Acting Booking Machine This Year?

Dearest Actors,

This is it, the evolution of my coaching & teaching: real, hands on mentorship.

I’ve designed a program in which you will work with me more consistently and closely than ever before.  This customized plan will give you the  tools to grow your craft, increase your auditions, and position you to book more jobs. All to catapult you confidently forward in your career!

It’s called the Ultimate Acting Experience and I promise you, it will be just that.

I’m a no bullshit girl. This program isn’t for everyone, that’s why I am only taking on 8 actors. I’m offering intimate access to my coaching, advice & inspiration. It’s like having me in your back pocket on speed dial.

Ask anyone who’s worked with me, I have ONE gear. It’s called PASSION for the work. I want to be the rocket that propels your career beyond your fantasies.

If you think you are ready for my spaceship ride, let’s talk.

With respect,


PS: I mean it when I say I'm only taking on eight members. That means you will always have the kind of one-on-one, exclusive, mentorship attention you deserve.

Ready to take off?

Apply now.