Ever wonder how good you are as an actor? I have.

Your dream to become a successful working actor gets dimmer every day
You're not getting seen.
You're not getting cast.
The training you thought gave you an edge isn’t working.
The working experience you have isn’t working.
In that dim chaos you ask yourself, am I prepared for this?
You doubt yourself.
Doubt doesn’t book work.
I feel your pain.
That’s why I’ve created this FREE, 3 part coaching series.
to give you the the formula to get clear on what you’re good at, where there is room for improvement,
and offer a next step so you can carve out your rightful place in the industry.
It’s called - 
The Industry is changing - are you?

How is the industry changing?

Did you watch the Golden Globes?
Netflix, Amazon, Hulu —are all creating groundbreaking TV.
Best Actress in a Comedy Series - Rachel Bloom.
She has a youtube channel, she has millions and millions of hits!
She was out there, doing her musical comedy thing, being her authentic self.
And then one day - BOOM
the writer of A Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses,
sees Rachel’s Youtube videos, loves her, contacts her, partners with her
and now they have a network TV Show.
It’s not the future, it’s the now.
Fact: innovative, complicated characters
are found on the web. Right now.  
Watch on your laptop or your smart device.
That's where the action is.
That's where you MUST be.
Directors do cast from Skype auditions and self submissions.
I’m Roz Coleman Williams, a creative catalyst.
The working actor who’s innovative real world coaching helps actors stay ahead of the curve.
I invite you to: 
The Industry is changing - are you?A free 3-part live coaching series.
Use your phone to text the word  ROZGFREECOACHING to 44-222.

Space is limited. Sign up starts now.
The first live coaching session begins
Friday, January 15, 2pm eastern time.
The tangible solution to your deep dark question - Am I good enough?
This is the secret fear. Hard to talk about. Hard to share.
This webinar will give you clarity around your skill set.
Where do you shine? Do you communicate truth?
You can identify what’s not working and learn how to elevate your game. 
Let me help you become the actor you were born to be.
Get your spot here!

Rosalyn Coleman Williams