TV Audition Madness

This may be taboo...

Something “we” don’t share.

But lets all agree — there are times when you BLOW your audition!

Stink up the whole room.  It’s an awful feeling.

You replay the coulda woulda shoulda. It’s torture.

If you can relate to this feeling and if an audition’s ever knocked you down —

This TV class is for you.

I’ve acted for 25 years,  worked with the best: Meryl Streep and Viola Davis...

But when I started out I was just like you — raw talent, full of ambition and rough around the edges.

I’m offering a free class to get you back up and focusing on that next audition.

I've dedicated my life to helping actors just like you. You want to work on film and television projects that matter.

You know you are meant to fulfill your destiny as an actor.

Technique, craft, practice. Live on October 5th.

I'm Roz Coleman. I’m a creative catalyst.

I study the craft and I never give up. Let me teach you what I know works and you can help yourself.

October 5th this free online class is especially for you.

I will give you the tools to assess your on-camera skills, from there let’s get your next actions planned so you slay your auditions.

Monday, October 5, 1pm.
Be there.

It’s interactive. I'll be able to see you and you'll be able to see me. We’ll break down TV audition sides. Look at what’s going on with you, network, and learn how to improve your on-camera auditions.

And I'll invite you to take an action step that will make all the difference in your next audition. So that every time you walk out of the room you feel like you have dropped the mic.

See you on October 5. When you register you'll get a free actor skill assessment sheet and your sides to prepare. Don’t wait. Click the link  below and I’ll see you soon.

Rosalyn Coleman Williams