Auditions For TV shows? Let's get fierce



I wanted to come up with a class that was affordable people could go as far is they wanted to in their growth. The camera is a magical tool tool and I am committed to teaching you how to use it so that you can win the room and rule your world.  Every time. 

I will be teaching you how to rehearse for your auditions how to record them and how to improve your on camera acting in addition skills.

The more you work this process the better you will get.  So when those high-stakes on camera audition, you will be able to show up for yourself in a way that's more powerful and grounded and creative than ever before.  You will be able to trust yourself to do your best work even under pressure. 

Wanna get started?

Are you ready to say yes to the artist inside and start feeding her wonderful stories to bring to life?  

What's happening on television is phenomenal. I want you to be a part of it

I can't wait to see your best work. 

I put together a series of videos in PDFs to walk you through the steps of putting yourself on tape.

Be fierce

Be Truthful. 

And know that there is a place for you on television.

I love and respect the artist inside of you,

Let me help her shine!

In the work,