Ronald Benson-El Jr


My name is Ronald Benson-El Jr. Im a sophomore in the BFA Acting Conservatory at SUNY Purchase. Im from Washington, DC. Some past productions I’ve been in include, but aren’t limited to, “The Bluest Eye”(Soaphead Church), and “Rent”(Benny). I’ve always believed that perspective can change the world for the better. If we could truly understand one another maybe we can be at peace with our differing thoughts and opinions. Acting gives me the chance to challenge myself in that belief. To take on a character who’s values and principles may differ from my own, and give that character the same respect and justice as I would a character that I align with expands my thinking and perspective. I am grateful for every role I get as it provides a chance to explore a different reality than my own. In a way I get more out of life by acting. And in addition to expanding my perspective, I get to help expand other’s perspectives as well, as an extra treat. Good stuff, hard to beat this.

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