Patrick A. Moore


Hello! My name is Patrick Allen Moore, and I’m an actor from Salisbury North Carolina. Roe Versus Wade will be my first performance experience here at Purchase college, and I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled! Last year I arrived at Purchase College with nothing more than my banjo, a backpack, my suitcase, and a sunburn.

Since then I’ve been blessed with a multitude of experiences; all of which are actively nurturing my craft and developing a further sense of self. I’ve gone to Puerto Rico to rebuild homes, learned to dance, made a fool of myself, laughed it off, cried a bit, sang a song about what I love, and made a whole bunch of friends in the process. I’m incredibly thankful for this campus, my faculty, my family, and my friends. All of whom continue to urge and support me in becoming the best me I can be!

 And as always: the warmest of love belongs to my aunt Georgie, my uncle Trent, and my late grandmother Alice Fortson-Turner. Without them— I would not be.

Roe Versus Wade urges us to tell the story and help frame the multifaceted American mindset when it comes to the topic of abortion and women’s rights.

Having grown up in a rural southern town, I happen to know the evangelical church and protester type folk very well. They crowd each busy street corner on Sundays and make sure they are heard by any and everyone around. Tapping into that mindset has left me conflicted, knowing that their true heart does in fact lie in a place of comfort and compassion— although it may often times seem otherwise. There was a never-ending well of work to be done in discovering Randy. His mask, his truth, and his past. Conviction is a gorgeous thing. 

Past credits include: Iphigenia 2.0 (chorus) North Carolina Governor’s school, The Glass Menagerie (Tom) UNCSA HS, Tom Dick and Harry (Tom) Piedmont Players Theatre.

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