Devin McNamara


My name is Devin McNamara and I am the Production Stage Manager of Roe Versus Wade. Currently, I’m a junior at SUNY Purchase, majoring in theatre design and technology with a concentration in Stage Management. I was raised in Long Beach, New York. Past Purchase credits include We’re Gonna Be Okay (Stage Manager) and Orestes 2.0 (Assistant Stage Manager). This is my first production as a production stage manager and it proved to be both challenging and deeply rewarding. On a typical production, a stage manager communicates to every department the productions needs, however on this production my fantastic and resilient assistant stage manager, Siobhan, and our wonderfully talented company had to fill those need. I had to become a sound designer, a props charge, and a carpenter while operating as a stage manager. Being an artist requires you to reach outside your boundaries, and I certainly was able to do that throughout our rehearsal period and grow as a technical artist. However, the only reason I was successful was because of Roz, Siobhan, and my cast, their dedication to putting on a meaningful well rehearsed show.

I’d like to thank my parents and sisters for their support, advice, and most importantly gifting me the ability to follow my passion and have an education in tech theatre. Thank you to my professors and especially to my peers for their guidance, advice, and support.