Catherine Young


Hello, I am Catherine Young. I am an actor grown in Louisville, Kentucky currently in my second year of training at SUNY Purchase. I am playing Carla in the show. My favorite past productions have been The Bacchae of Euripides, Henry VI Part II and Henry IV Parts I and II. I was so excited to learn that we were going to be working on this play, Roe Versus Wade. I believe that as theatre makers we have a unique responsibility to challenge matters of justice and offer new thoughts and deeper perspectives on vital human issues. As it presently stands abortion is on the chopping block and now more than ever we need to listen, look and challenge ourselves and each other. I am proud to tell this story.

When I first read the script I was immediately drawn to Carla and Jeannie’s relationship. Sarah Schulman does an amazing job of providing the audience with the differences between the two couples. They are in different social classes. Carla and Jeannie are forced to isolate themselves and this play beautifully shows how that affects their hope, their love and their outcome. What it means to grow with somebody like they did and then have to leave them. No character in this play is void of passion. I think that is what is truly so wonderful about this story—nobody does not care about this issue. So as an actor and, my hope is, that as an audience we will listen, ponder and feel a fire lit.

I would like to send a sharp thank you to the people who have lit a fire under me and challenged my beliefs. And a warm thank you to my family in Kentucky and otherwise.

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